Kodama: The Judgement Day is a game about nature’s revenge, implemented in delicious black humor style with a black metal inspired soundtrack. 

Imagine yourself in a role of Kodama, the recently awakened vengeful spirit of the forest, tasked with a quest to regrow forests, ready to kill every human in the game in the process if that’s what it takes!

Current development status: Open beta


Kodama_v3.zip 185 MB

Development log


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I'm getting another loading error when talking to a purple-haired girl at a house near a construction site. Hopefully, you know what I mean.

I'm getting a similar error to ArjhanToteck, except with anyone that I try to turn into a tree inside the apartment building and in the town.  Failed to load: img/battlebacks1/SF_Concrete.png. Love the game so far tho and I hope you continue development!

I got this error while attacking an ancient skeleton in the first cursed portal: Failed to load: img/animations/StateUp1.png

Thank you! I will re-export the game and re-upload! Sorry about that and thank you so much for taking a moment to comment! 

Should be fixed now! :)